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Staff Training Event 03/02/2012

February 1, 2012 in Watching others work by Mr T MORTON


New Updates to the Cloud

January 24, 2012 in Watching others work by Mr T MORTON


Just thought I’d add a blog about the recent updates to the cloud. First of all we’ve added a way to change your password and avatar. You can do this by clicking on the My Profile link in the My Stuff section of the main navigation section of the Smart Cloud website. This should make it easier to keep your profile up to date and change your password. If you change your password and forget it, please contact IT Services.

Finally we’ve added Brain Pop Google Apps integration. This means that results from quizes your classes take can be automatically uploaded to your documents as a spread sheet on the cloud.

To find out more about Brain Pop view the introduction video here.

To find out more about how Brain Pop uses Google Apps, click here.

Happy Brain Popping!


APP with Year 8

December 16, 2011 in Uncategorized, Watching others work by Dr A BODDISON

I have set up a RAFL with the aim of monitoring students mathematical development through the APP framework.  At the moment, it is a trial, which is limited to my own class, but if all goes to plan this will be rolled out later inthe year.  The idea is that when students have evidence (usually a piece of written mathematics) that they are working at a particular level, then this work can be photographed and uploaded to their RAFL on the cloud.  It is then easy for me to monitor progress both by individual and by topic and to take the necessary action.

At the moment, I have lots of evidence in the form of photos on the iPod and I am working on uploading them to the cloud, although I am finding this part a little tricky.  Fingers crossed, it should all be sorted out before the Xmas break!!!


Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award Video Entry

December 15, 2011 in Watching others work by Mr T MORTON

Fantastic 3rd Millenium Learning Award video from RSA Academy on Vimeo. Really captures how the Academy uses technology for teaching and learning.

This video was produced, edited and filmed by

Students: Morgan and Neve

Staff: Umran and Jessica

Massive thank you to everyone envolved!



Life is about Learning

December 8, 2011 in Watching others work by Miss S YUSAF

Following the successful training session, the Academy staff were like little bees buzzing with excitement. It was RWEB this and RAFL that. Finally, we seem to have a learning environment that works- R.I.P good old VLE!

Staff really enjoyed using the website; they embraced the new technologies that realsmart cloud provides which really helped to create a buzz of activity within the Academy. Most staff have already started creating a range of exciting material. For example, Priya Lees and her ‘G&T challenge passport’. Daulton Redmond with his Environmental Rweb which he has shared with the whole of the Academy (check your shared items, you will be impressed).

The Science and Maths team intend to transfer the scheme of learning onto a Rweb where learners and parents can access the curriculum and teaching resources. This will encourage collaborative learning, which will be an advantage to teachers because learners learn best when are actively involved in the process.

There appears to be a lot of love for the Rafl, especially for those teaching a BTEC subject – most units of work are being transferred onto the Rafl (say goodbye to paper). For those smarties who have already rushed ahead, the outcome has been positive. When my year 9 learners first started using the cloud, they seem to be hesitant. The VLE seem to have shattered their faith in learning environments. However, just like our wonderful staff, my learners’ quickly learnt the really benefits of the cloud. They were keen on creating Podcasts and having their own websites via the Rweb. It is safe to say they love learning through the cloud and sharing it with their peers.

The functionality is right at the heart of what makes the cloud successful. It is quick, easy and saves time. We have only touched the surface of this wonderful new platform, the possibilities seem to be endless. We have access to the latest in technology and can use it to share information and communicate through our website in a very engaging way with students, parents and staff as well as the wider community.

It is a great opportunity for staff to celebrate our fantastic learning experiences and share them with the world!

Shazia & Sonia



Whats the best thing about the Smart Cloud?

December 7, 2011 in Watching others work by Mr T MORTON

Is it… 

  • You can access it from any Internet enabled device.
  • Everyone has a 7 Gig Email account.
  • You can share anything with anyone (or not).
  • The picture of Dumbledore on the home page.

All of these are fine qualities but if you put a gun to our heads and told us to pick something it would be the Apps.

Everyone loves a good App and we’ve recently added a few stunners and for your convenience we’ve separated the Apps into four different groups:

Realsmart – Uber tools for learning that can be easily shared.

Google Apps – Still here and going strong,  enough reason to get on the cloud on its own.

SSO Apps – Single sign on, open Google Docs or Mail before you use them to be logged straight in.

  • Aviary – Aviary has a suite of powerful creative applications that you can use right in your web browser
  • EasyBib – The Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker
  • Khan Academy – With a library of over 2,700 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 253 practice exercises.
  • Lino – lino is an online web sticky note service that can be used to post memos, to-do lists, ideas, and photos anywhere on an online web canvas. Think Wallwisher… only better!
  • Pearltrees– A beautiful way to share links and ideas.
  • Slide Rocket – The best online presentation tool bar non – time to ditch Power Point?
  • Spicynodes – Pretty, interactive Mind Maps anyone?
  • Weebly – Create, free, powerful, marvelous websites in minutes.
  • Zendesk – The best way for you to stay in touch with IT and Media Services, love your help desk as much as we do.

Non-SSO Apps – You’ll have to work a bit harder to access these Apps, they need a separate user name and password… but they are worth it!

  • Sound Cloud – Capture a voice, moment or music in seconds or upload audio you’ve already created.
  • Storybird – Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print. Read them like books, play them like games, and send them like greeting cards
  • TTS-Online – Online Curriculum from Thomas Telford School. Username: oc47 Password: du347eu (If you use Chrome or Firefox browsers the link will pass the username and password data and log you straight in. You’ll need the Username and Password if you’re using good old Internet explorer.
  • Voki – Introduce technology in a fun way. It’s awesome, just try it!

All this stuff is very easy to use and will work on almost any Internet enabled device (some Apps require Flash). However  if you get stuck or need some help, just click the Help button on the left to get in touch with IT Services, we’re always around floating in the cloud…



Insert Funny Cloud Based Punn Here

December 1, 2011 in Watching others work by Mr M CARPENTER

What a few weeks our new ‘Cloud’ based learning platform has had. Kaliedos was always going to be a tough act to follow; a lot of us never thought we would use anything like a VLE again! Luckily the Smartcloud has been the ideal antidote. I was amazed on the training day last Friday at the positive reception it got and how quickly everyone got stuck in and made resources. There were web pages and rAFLs popping up everywhere with loads of really innovative and clever ways to use the Realsmart tools.

Since the pilot started I’ve had a lot of opportunity to try different parts of the Smartcloud package. To begin with I started using Google docs. It’s got some fantastic uses especially based around collaborative working and data collection. You can share documents with groups that they can edit, add comments to or even use a live chat feature to support each others learning.  Google forms allow you to easily collect, collate and analyse information and has formed the basis for using an ipad for the walkabout duty, which is being trialled next week.

Seeing so many people get stuck into the resources on the learning portfolio last Friday gave me lots of ideas. So this week I’ve focused on my IB group, using an rWeb and rAFL to deliver an on line curriculum with  formative self assessment. My group were really excited to see all the resources for their lessons would be so readily accessible and how easily work could be submitted.

There’s a huge amount of potential in the smartcloud and the apps it can harness. With all the creative and dedicated staff in our Academy on board its going to be amazing!


Fun times!

November 29, 2011 in Watching others work by Mr J ROCHE

Had an awesome day sharing the cloud with everyone. I could feel the hate of the old vle being replaced by love of the cloud. Fun times! Just need everyone to work together in working out the best way forward to utilise the cloud to its full potential. Let the sunshine through the cloud. 🙂


Live RSA Staff Training Day 25-11-2011

November 21, 2011 in Watching others work by Mr T MORTON


oh happppppppy dayssssssss!

November 18, 2011 in Watching others work by Mrs R HARKER

Hi Becki here.  Ok, so exciting times at the moment.  I am loving the cloud.  It actually works and is so much simpler to use that…. well you know ;o) Setting up a course is so much quicker and the layout is easy to follow. I love that it collates all work uploaded by students.

Anyway, so I began using the cloud with one class, Year 10 Performing Arts and if I am honest I prepared myself for an afternoon of ‘Missssssssssssssssss’ being called out over and over again.  I showed the class how to use the cloud.  It was brilliant.  They loved it.  The class were sceptical at first because of glitches that they had had previous to the cloud. Performing Arts being a practical subject can be difficult to evidence work that has taken place. We use the cloud to ‘blog’ what has been doing in Performing Arts sessions and will be in the very near future, uploading photographs and videos of rehearsals. Theory work is also being done using the cloud.

I now use it ‘using different elements’ with most of my classes.  I have been impressed with the fact it actually works!!! I love that I do not have to scroll down endless lists on subjects and groups that do not belong to me.  I log on and the groups that I have created are there, ready to be entered and used. I also love that the students profile is easy to understand.

It’s time now for other members of staff to get on board.  Pupil’s don’t just want to use the cloud in the lessons that have staff that know how to use it.  They want to use it in all lessons.  If your reading this and have not yet embraced the cloud…. get on board.  I know one thing for certain… I will miss it when I go xxx

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